A special note regarding your ProProach lessons...

ProProach was designed so that the material and concepts contained within would
be assimilated gradually. It is understood that each person who experiences this
program will have a unique musical background and skill level. That in mind, each
participator in this program will approach the theory, techniques and strategies
from a different perspective. Each individual will interpret and apply them
with their own level of understanding. Whatever level you are at, you are highly
encouraged to spend at least one week applying the suggestions in each lesson,
since this will lend itself to achieving the best long term results.

It is for this reason stated above that the material in this program was originally made

available one lesson at a time. This is how the program was designed to be followed.
That said, you also have the option of receiving all the lessons at once. This can
certainly alleviate any issues with email "glitches" being responsible for your not
receiving your lessons on time.

It is amazing how how much more effective these lessons will be the more you

experience them! This is because your understanding will be at a higher level the
2nd, 3rd, 4th time around, etc. Please keep this in mind when ordering ProProach.
You are asked to use the program as it was intended during its creation. It is my belief
that applying yourself to this program in this manner will surely result in your enjoying the
maximum benefits. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this

To your musical success,

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