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How To Get The Most Benefit From This Program
You are free to participate in this program however you wish, of course. There are no restrictions imposed by me, except that lessons will be made available once per week. There is a purpose for this. Throughout the program, I place a special emphasis on making the most of a given concept. I ask that you give consideration to these facts:

    * Your understanding of a given concept, technique of strategy always has room for enhancement
    * Any given concept, technique, or strategy has the potential to be viewed from another creative angle and                   applied to many different musical scenarios
    * Your commitment to both accepting the previous two statements as true and to allowing them to serve your               best interests will serve you well when it comes to realizing your personal potential.

It is understood that a given lesson, at face value, will come easier to some than others. I ask that you go beyond perceiving these lessons at face value and encourage you to explore your potential understanding of them by incorporating what you are learning into your favorite songs as much as possible. In addition, transposing the musical example to different keys (potentially 12) will be conducive to your gaining the maximum benefit from this program. Whatever level you are at in terms of your understanding of any given lesson, you always have the potential to take that understanding further. Always ask yourself, "How can I use this idea in a more creative way? In what other musical situation can I use this idea?" Giving attention to what has been said here and applying yourself accordingly will eventually lead to the discovery of insights of your own... this is what I want for you!

So, if you feel that you are not being challenged enough for a week's time with any given lesson, please consider what I have said above. You might imagine the number of requests I receive from people to have all the lessons sent to them all at once. My suggestions make it evident as to why I opt otherwise. To those who have this inclination, you might consider this: if you were to enlist the "live" services of a private teacher on a weekly basis, requesting the instructor to present you with the lessons all at once to avoid your having to show up every week is likely something you would not consider. After all, you would realize the value of regular exposure to the individual lessons and spending a week's time to further assimilate and apply the contents of each lesson. My request is that you give the same attention to the lessons in this program... please have fun amazing yourself with the possibilities! Also, please know that, after taking yourself through the 24 weeks, a complete listing of links to all your lessons will be provided for your reference and enjoyment. You will find that, the more times you take yourself through this program, the more insights you will gain and the more rewards you will attain. Of course, you can always correspond with Dave if there is any challenge accessing your lessons later. So, you're not alone with this!

A Few Words Of Encouragement To Beginners...

I would like to reiterate some of what I mentioned earlier... the content of these lessons will be perceived differently by each individual, based on his or her experience as well as other criteria. To the beginning learner, it is understood that these lessons will serve as an inspiration to take your playing skills to a higher level. I would like to suggest that you might first approach these lessons with curiosity, without placing any heavy demands on yourself whatsoever. View these lessons weekly as they become available to you and allow them to serve you well by providing you with the motivation to further your understanding, while staying involved with any other learning program you are using to increase your knowledge and skills. Do not judge yourself or your ability simply because you are witnessing musical examples that seem beyond your understanding! If you must judge yourself at all, see yourself an individual who aspires to succeed and is open to greater discoveries ahead. You are on an exciting journey and you are committed to enjoying the ride! Remember, you will always have access to your lessons and, as you take yourself through them again and again, you will perceive them from yet a greater perspective of understanding each and every time.

Let's Enjoy The Journey Together...

One thing I cannot express in words is the amount of fun I've had creating  ProProach! It is my hope that you will quickly learn this for yourself once you begin the program. If you experience a fraction of the amount of fun participating in it that I have had, then two things are assured: 1) I've achieved my goal of creating a learning experience that is a joy to be involved with; 2) Your rewards for your time spent are certain, since keeping the learning process fun is always conducive to greater assimilation and retention of the content being presented. I believe that you are in for a positive experience and  look forward to your testimonial being the next I share with others!

I continue to enjoy receiving email messages from individuals who have expressed their appreciation for my unique coaching style, ultimately resulting in their realizing results that previously seemed unattainable. To all of you for your wonderful comments... please accept my sincere thanks and genuine admiration. You have been, and continue to be, my inspiration.


And remember...






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