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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I have a very limited knowledge of chords at this point. Can this program help me?

A) ProProach is a program that people of various backgrounds and levels will engage from different perspectives. In addition, each participant will take the concepts at hand to different levels based on his or her experience. Although a person who has a knowledge of some 7th chords is likely to have a less challenging time with actually applying the chord voicings and techniques, a significant number of people who take advantage of this program have much less experience and simply introduce themselves to the material the first time through. This can be powerfully effective, as it provides the incentive for wanting to take their chord knowledge to the point of learning 7th chords, and it provides the inspiration to tap into their personal creativity within.

This is really one of the beautiful characteristics of this program. You see, since members can enjoy continuous access to the lessons once they receive them, they obtain more and more benefits as they take themselves through the program the second, third, and fourth time through, etc. Keep in mind that ProProach is more than a piano chord program, per se... it promotes a way of thinking and is aimed at getting the individual to develop an appreciation for and to experience the way a professional piano stylist approaches playing chords on the piano. If you are an absolute beginner, your first time through ProProach will serve you well if you simply read through the lessons and enjoy watching the videos. As you do so, your music appreciation will be enhanced and your curiosity will be piqued. Remember, curiosity breeds creativity. You will know for yourself when you are ready to actually start applying the concepts on the piano. Certain lessons may "spark" an idea that will just have you running to that piano or keyboard of yours and giving it a go!

Q) I have a fairly good knowledge of 7th chords and would like to take my understanding to higher levels by learning more about 9th chords, 11th, chords, and 13th chords. Does ProProach help in this area?

A) Yes, absolutely! From the very beginning and throughout the entire program, this is a major focus.

Q) I'm new at all this. I know some chords, but what is a "piano chord voicing?"

A) In simple terms, a "piano chord voicing" is a chord structure that results from taking a chord as you know it in basic form and manipulating the chord tones by taking one or more of the following actions:

1) rearranging the chord tones

2) doubling one or more chord tones

3) eliminating one or more chord tones

The results that you can achieve are endless and so are the beautiful chord sounds that one can achieve. Also, when you learn how to take these voicings and incorporate them into your favorite songs, which ProProach teaches, your appreciation for both your own ability and music, in general, becomes enhanced even more so! Truly, this is an art that captivates anyone who spends time learning more and more about it.

Q) I can watch the videos right on my own computer?

A) Yes, you will be provided a page that includes your lesson, which you can print out if you like. On that page is the video demonstration or a link that leads you to it. Many people enjoy taking their laptop and placing it alongside or on top of the piano as they view the lessons. Others simply watch and study in a convenient place and simply absorb the concepts, applying them later once they arrive at their piano or keyboard.

Q) What if I have a question about my order?

A) Simply send an email to:

info @

Q) I actually have some playing experience and have exposed to a lot of books on chords and chord voicings. However, I never seem to get anywhere when it comes to using them. Is ProProach different?

A) This is such a valuable question because it touches upon the heart of a matter that so many individuals have been faced with and this is what separates ProProach from other materials you may have been exposed to. This program is not meant to serve as a "book of chords," so to speak... yes, it acknowledges a good number of piano chords voicings, but the essence of the program goes beyond this. Not only will you learn HOW to play these different chord structures, but you will also learn HOW to think for yourself and HOW to actually incorporate them into your favorite songs. A number of song excerpts are used to effectively demonstrate how these great chord sounds can be utilized. Remember, a major premise of ProProach is to get you confident when it comes to using these chords sounds and any others you may learn in the future. Also, having taken yourself through this program, you will definitely have more confidence when it comes to putting other material to which you have been exposed to good use.

Q) Please explain the process to get started with ProProach.

A) Once you authorize your enrollment via the order button on any of these pages and as soon as your payment gets processed, you will immediately be taken to your lesson access page. It's as simple as that! Naturally, you can contact Dave if you need further assistance.

Q) I am actually already involved with ProProach. I find your teaching style very insipiring. Do you offer online coaching?

A) Thank you and yes I do. If you are interested, there are a couple of different options that we can discuss. Simply send an email to:
info @

and include "ProProach Coaching" in the subject area of your email message. I will respond as soon as possible.

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