"...A program well worth the investment for anyone who wants to know how music works. Keep up the good work!"  

- Richard, Arkansas, USA

Learn to play by ear better - no reading of music necessary with this program!
If you are already playing tunes using 7th chords,
you'll jump right in and start applying these chord strategies...

"First, they learn a few chords... then they come here to learn what the books don't teach 'em"
Play Piano Chords Like The Pros Do!
Piano voicings and more! People of ALL ages 18-88 are enjoying the exciting benefits this popular piano chord program has to offer!

"Have fun with these weekly lessons at your convenience... then save them for constant reference. It will literally CHANGE your playing!"

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It's your turn.
ProProach Piano Chords Program
ProProach Piano Chord Program
This is the program that places professional
piano chord voicing techniques within easy
grasp of even the beginning level player

"Hi Dave, you and I exchanged thoughts back in 2009, after I had started
your program. I was in the process of re-examining several of your lessons,
and I just thought I would say 'hello' and  hope you are fine. You know, Dave,
I was highly impressed with the enormity of the work you have done with your teaching
program, along with the knowledge contained therein, back when I began Proproach..
Now, almost two years later, I am still convinced it's the best there is for players
who already have some knowledge of music, and of the keyboard. If I were to underline
what is perhaps the most profound thing you are teaching, I would choose
the part about going back over the lessons a second and third time.
Since music and learning is indeed a process, the material does
mean more with successive readings ... along with practice..."

- Richard, Little Rock, Arkansas



6 months worth of lessons for just $119 for the next 72 hours

25 Weeks That Will Transform You Into A...

Creative Chord Genius

25 Lessons include text, graphics, and video! Piano voicings and more...

It's never been easier to achieve that special
"sound of the pros" than it is right now with this
very unique piano voicings program!

"Looking through Pro Proach again I think I appreciate what a good job you have done putting it together. The way the concepts are broken down and the examples of how to use them within the context of a song is very useful and impressive. This in particular is not always done so successfully by other educators I have seen."
- Dan, Middx, UK

Imagine being able to sit down at that piano or keyboard of yours and actually produce some of the terrific piano chord sounds using piano voicings you've heard the greats play time and time again! 

You know, those "edgy" or "spicy" sounds you've heard come from the artistry of people like legendary pianist Bill Evans, Chic Corea, Oscar Peterson, and others. Whether it's jazz, pop, or some other style that you absolutely love and aspire to excel at, what you learn in this program will put you so many steps ahead of where you are at right now...

To Play Like A Pro, Think Like One. 
I'd Like To Show You How...

Yes, you'll learn some of those amazing piano voicings that have come from the fingertips of pianists like that. But, what's more, is that you will adopt that mind set of a professional piano stylist that will have you thinking on your own. You see, this is what sets the "men from the boys" when it comes to playing creatively - the pros think for themselves! And now you are about to learn what it feels like to do the same!

Here's The Element That
Makes This Program Special...

As you may already know, there are tons and tons (and tons!) of books and other materials available on the market that illustrate different chords and piano voicings and how to play them... and you are encouraged to pursue them once you've adopted the mind set that this program teaches you... BUT what ProProach does is not only show you how to play a great number of these special chord sounds by illustrating and demonstrating these piano voicings, but it actually shows you how to incorporate the sounds that you learn into your favorite songs. This is a significant reason why ProProach will make a remarkable difference in your piano playing. Truly, this program will make your coinfidence skyrocket!
Just $119 TODAY!

Just a tiny taste of what you're in for with this totally unique piano chord learning program that will lead you to chord mastery before you know it...

Lesson #1 - Free!
This first lesson opens your mind to the concept of "opening up" those chords. The lesson and video demonstration focus on a very special piano chord voicing used by the pros a lot! It's a super cocktail piano voicing that every pianist should know, though its use is certainly not limited to this style. Enjoy this lesson, which is offered to you completely FREE, as it sets the pace for what is to follow in subsequent lessons of ProProach...

Piano voicings and more!
Lesson #2 - A Significant Next Step!
"Easy does it here" as this lesson expands a bit on Lesson #1 and actually puts what you've learned in the context of a chord progression. You are encouraged to take each of these weekly lessons to higher levels by transposing the ideas to other keys, etc., all at your own pace, of course. Focusing on one lesson per week at a time, you are actually incorporating these ideas into your playing, which is conducive to creating your own personal style over time...

Piano voicings and more!
Lesson #3 - Less Is More!
By this time, you have probably latched on to the fact that you'rve gotten involved with something unique here with ProProach. More importantly, you are likely starting to open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about chords. A concept that the pros realize and take advantage of is "less is more" and you are beginning to see the truth and practicality of this perspective as it applies to piano voicings and more. Like all the lessons in ProProach, this lesson's value goes beyond what presently meets the eye and is one that you will want to return to again and again...

Piano voicings and more!
Lesson #4 - Most Popular Chord Progression!
In this lesson, not only do we get introduced to the most popular chord progression in jazz/pop music, but we expand on what we covered in the first couple of lessons by using our skills to play this progression in a way that a professional piano stylist would. These lessons work so well together and, the more you have fun with them, the better they get (and you, too!). You will use what you learn here time and time again! The doors are opening and the wheels are turning!

Piano voicings and more!
Lesson #5 - Stocks You Just Gotta Play!
We're not letting go of that valuable information we used in Lesson #4 as we take that chord progression and actually discuss a few "stock voicings" that piano greats like Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and so many others have always kept close by on the shelf for immediate availability. It's likely that, by this time, you are "starting to see the light" when it comes to realizing what playing chords from a pro player's point of view really means... and all presented in a manner that anyone can understand (no "fancy fluff!" or intimidating terminology). But we've only touched the surface, since 20 more weeks of insight await as we continue this exciting journey together...
Piano voicings and more!
Piano voicings explained

Easy-to-see and understand graphics that make it all clear...

Very easy-to-understand textual explanations are supported by attractive, visual graphics that make it easy to see piano voicings in a very understandable format.

INSPIRING video demonstrations will have you believing in yourself like never before.

You will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Dave WANTS you to succeed with this material... and you will! He has been coaching people on piano for years. His encouragement and motivational tone, combined with his ability to explain this material in a "crystal clear" fashion, make this a program that you will cherish for years beyond your enrollment.

Just $119 TODAY! Act now!
ProProach piano voicings and chord program

A few tiny segments of ProProach sessions here...

It simply could not be EASIER to learn to
play those piano chords like the pros do! 

  • No longer feel limited by the chords you are playing
  • When a pro looks at those chord symbols, he/she sees something different than you... you're going to see it, too
  • Add interest to your playing that will turn people's heads
  • Know what it feels like to create confidently
  • You're going to love how you will sound in just a few weeks
When it comes to chord mastery, there is no better way to put yourself on the path in the right direction. Explanations, graphics, and videos, along with the level of encouragement and inspiration that you are in for make it impossible to fail... you can only succeed! Only this program prepares you for success like this one does. Remember, you'll learn more than just a bunch of piano voicings. You'll learn to approach them from a pro's perspective. Once you adopt the way of thinking promoted in ProProach, you'll be ready to view any other learning tools that you may encounter in the future from a higher perspective, with greater insight, and unmatched enthusiasm.

Your success is certain!
Yes, we want you satisfied with ProProach. Please click here for our policy so you have no doubt about where we are coming from. There is a reason
we have set it up this way... YOU GET RESULTS!


“Thanks Dave. Your lessons are awesome! I had just about given up learning how to 'play' piano. After 7 years of classical lessons as a kid I could not play anything as an adult! Now I can’t stop playing–don’t even need sheet music. You the man!”

- Frank, Jacksonville, FL



Just $119 TODAY!

Need more information? Just ask...

If you're still not convinced that ProProach will take your piano chord playing skills to higher levels by waking up that "Creative Genius" that already exists within you or if you just have questions, simply send your email message to:

info @ pianoamore.com 

and Dave will personally respond to your message.

"This program is result-oriented, and I want you to know that
you're getting a quality product with ProProach." 



(ProProach has been designed to be followed in sequence for optimum results. However, you will have access to the entire program upon purchase)

Catch the wave! ProProach piano voicings and chord program

ProProach is being enjoyed by people WORLDWIDE who are realizing potential they never knew they had before!

"Dave, I was sitting there at the piano with Lesson #5 of ProProach in front of me. I was watching you play those voicings in the video, pausing it just long enough to copy what you were doing on the piano at different intervals. While becoming absorbed with this, my grandson (in his twenties) walked in - his entry by surprise.. he stood still for a moment with his mouth wide open, and looked stunned...

'Gramps," he remarked, "I never heard those sounds come out of your playing before. I knew you were in here up to something, and had to see what was going on...'

He was flabbergasted, and I have to say, the way he stood there, with that look on his face, and hearing those words come out of him... well, need I say how good that felt?" 

- Pat, Rhode Island, USA

"I'm really beginning to 'like' the way I sound now!! Thanks for making this course available to us. Hope your other students are having as much Fun as I am!!" "... your lessons. They are Fun and you keep them Interesting and enjoyable to DO!...

...It has dawned on me why I am enjoying your Teachings so much...it is because you don't  just tell us about the Sus chords or 9th,11th or 13th---- you teach us WHERE and HOW to USE them..."

- Rusti, Arizona, USA

"Dear Dave,

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your ProProach course... Just wanted you to know, yours is a terrific program!!     

...I think this is important - As you know, Dave, different people learn in different ways. I have always learned best when someone tells me to do something and then follows up by adding the "why it makes sense to do it this way" part.  I think that's the reason your program is well thought out and your presentation is excellent. A program well worth the investment for anyone who wants to know how music works. Keep up the good work!"  

- Richard, Arkansas, USA


ProProach Piano Chords Program  9th, 11th, 13th
piano voicings and more!

ProProach Piano Chords Program  The motivation and encouragement you need!
ProProach Piano Chords Program  Learn to THINK like a 
pro thinks!

ProProach Piano Chords Program  Step-by-step instruction supported with graphics and videos!
ProProach Piano Chords Program  25 weeks of exposure to eye-opening and
         ear-opening insights!


"...Enjoying the learning... And I'm not surfing the internet for other ways to learn. I have found my online piano teacher."
                                                          - Joan, Canada


"Hello Dave, thank you for another inspiring lesson. Why has no one ever shown me this in all the years I've been trying to play with some style?..."

- Susan, United Kingdom


".... I am glad to continue our journey together.  I have learned more from you than from all the books I bought over the years. Thank you again."

- Gilles, Canada


Those are just some of the testimonials that we have on file and they just keep rolling in. I hope yours will be next!

- Dave Longo, creator of ProProach

Actual Song Excerpts

That's right... we will take actual excerpts of so many popular standard songs and actually demonstrate how to instantly apply the piano chord strategies you are learning.

Just a few of these include:


ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Alfie by Bacharach and David
  Misty by Erroll Garner
ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  My Love by Paul McCartney

ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Over The Rainbow
             by Arlen and Harburg

ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Georgia On My Mind 
                      by Carmichael and Gorrell


How Does It Work?

It is suggested that you apply each lesson for a period of one week before proceeding to the next for maximum benefits. However, you will have access to all 25 lessons to use at your discretion. You will also have access to a .pdf file for each lesson for extra convenience. The video portion of each lesson is in .mp4 format so you'll have no problem watching on your iPad or similar device.

Each lesson is sure to add dimension to your chord knowledge and piano playing... it's a "cornucopia" of knowledge that you'll absolutely cherish. You will never be bored! 

Enjoy Continued Access!

ProProach piano chord program You will have continued access to your lessons 24/7 as you please. In addition, if any updates are made to the program, you will certainly have access to those as well automatically!


You Don't Even

Have To Be Able
To Read Music To
 Enjoy This Program!
Listen, watch, learn, and apply!

ORDERING ISSafe and secure ordering!


The stage awaits...

ProProach piano chord program

...play like you never did before!

You'll never approach playing piano chords the same way again!

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